The training at CrossFit Basel starts with
your personal introduction training.


We have a unique training model, which is why we offer a FREE INTRODUCTION TRAINING to each prospective participant. It's a personal training of one hour, during which you get to know our facilities, experience a workout and get more information about our methodology and philosophy.

The free introduction training includes the following:

Your goals and preconditions
Introduction to CrossFit
Your first CrossFit workout

Before you decide on a membership, we would like to give you the possibility to come to one introduction training and two group trainings.
We do everything to meet your expectations
– we focus on a high-quality training and want to help you to meet your goals.

Have we convinced you?

Contact us today for a free 
introduction training without obligations and you also have two further trial lessons outstanding.


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Group classes

Depending on our level of fitness, our goals and our preferences, we start things differently. With our group classes, skill sessions, various events and special offers, we help you go your way as successfully as possible.

The all-level classes are the traditional CrossFit classes, a warm up, a skill and strength training, mobility work and the workout of the day are included. The workout can be adapted so that beginners and old stagers can practise together. At some days, a workout of 20-30 minutes will take place, while at ohter days, we will concentrate on the build-up of strength or a technique training.

Max. 10 Pers
60 min

The structure of the beginner's classes is similar to the one for all-levels classes. However, the requirements and exercises are tailored especially for beginners. Beginners learn the fundamental CrossFit exercises in small groups of six people.

Max. 6 Pers
60 min


Our competion class is for advanced and ambitious participants. The extended training units focus on different disciplines such as olympic wheightlifting, gymnastics or endurance depending on the season. The goal of these classes is to prepare the participants as good as possible for various competitions. Only for advanced participants.

Max. 15 Pers
120 min