Ramon “Mr. Glutes” Gysin

Ramon is the centre of our Box. The Paris of CrossFit Basel. His employees and costumers circle around planet Ramon like moons (also because of gravity due to his sheer mass). The ones who already had a barbell on their back, admire our alpha animal. His trouser-fillling bottom is known far beyond the borders of this country.

He has a consuming passion for Powerlifting, especially squats, and there is rarely a day without Squats. The world champion in Powerlifting and several-time champion in strongman still puts many CrossFitter in their place. He started with power sports as a schoollboy but soon it wasn't enough any more to inflate his chest. Thanks to the Making-Of of 300, he found access to CrossFit and also to his consuming passion. Within five days, he and his team could manage to turn CrossFit Basel into a top address in Europe. His credo: Grasp at every, even stupid, chance even if you almost kick the bucket doing it! Furthermore, Ramon is also popular because of his lustily laughing (which sometimes turns into grunting) and his sympathetic ear. At our popular barbecues, he often plays the role of the insatiable pig that eats all the leftovers!

Further training


CrossFit L1 Seminar Staff
CrossFit Strongman Seminar Staff
"" Strength Coach
Secretary "Swiss Drug Free Powerlifting Federation"
Cassier "Gewichtheberclub beider Basel"

Further Education:

Certified CrossFit Trainer (CFL3)
Certified CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting Trainer
Certified CrossFit Strongman Trainer
Certified CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer
Certified CrossFit Rowing Trainer
Certified CrossFit Powerlifting Trainer
Certified CrossFit Mobility Trainer
CrossFit Scaling Course (online)
CrossFit Spot the flaw (online)
CrossFit Lesson planning (online)

IKFF Kettleball Level 1 Instructor
BioForce certified conditioning Coach (Joel Jamieson)
"Functional Range Conditioning® Mobility Specialist (Dr. Adreo Spina)
Seminars and workshops with Dan John, James Smith (EFTS), Dmitry Klokov, Boris Sheiko
C-License Olympic Weightlifting (Bundesverband deutscher Gewichtheber)

ZHealth (Neuroathletic Training):

9s: Next Evolution
9s: Speed

Achievements in sports

Individual Athlete CrossFit European Regionals 2012
Winner Snatch Ladder Regionals 2012
Team Athlet CrossFit European Regionals 2013/2014

European record (Squat 279kg -100kg)
3x World Champion Powerlifting 2010, -90kg & 2012, 2013 -100kg (WDFPF)
3x European Champion Powerlifting 2012, 2015, 2017 -100kg (WDFPF)
2x Vice-World Champion Powerlifting 2011, 2016 -100kg (WDFPF)
Vice-European Champion Powerlifting 2014, -100kg, (WDFPF)
9x Swiss Champion Powerlifting-90kg/-100kg/-110kg (SDFPF)
7x Best Lifter Powerlifting (SDFPF)
7 Swiss records (-100kg/-110kg)

Single Lift
Best Lifter Squat Worldchampionship 2014 (WDFPF)
Best Lifter Squat Europeanchampionship 2014 (WDFPF)
5 x Best Lifter Squat Swiss Championship 2012-2016 (SDFPF)
2x World Champion Squat  2013, 2014 -100kg (WDFPF)
Vice-World Champion Squat  2015, -100kg (WDFPF)
2x European Champion Squat  2012,2014 -100kg (WDFPF)
Vice-European Champion Squat  2015, -100kg (WDFPF)
5x Swiss Champion Squat  2012-2016 (SDFPF)

3x Best Lifter Deadlift Swiss Championship 2012, 2013, 2016 (SDFPF)
2x Vice-World Champion Deadlift 2014, 2016 -100kg (WDFPF)
2x European Champion Deadlift 2012, 2014 -100kg (WDFPF)
5x Swiss Champion Deadlift 2012-2016 (SDFPF)

6x Strongest Man of Switzerland

Olympic Lifting
National Team Olympic Weightlifting 2014 -2018
National Liga A Olympic Weightlifting 
Swiss Champion Olympic Weightlifting  2013/2015 -105kg

Bob Sleigh
2 Europa-Cup Races

Stone throwing
23. rank ESAF 2016 83kg Stone

Tom „the honeybadger“ Schwander

Tom is the bad concious of our Box. Beginners soil their pants at first when they see him and his stony expression, before they can get to know his friendly side - at the right star constellation and always 21 minutes after the birth of an albino hippopotamus baby. His absolute high point so far as a CrossFitter was unquestionably the fast march to Gempen. By then at the latest, he found out that CrossFit may not be the right thing for him and, therefore, he concentrates mainly on olympic weightlifting. He is the only one who decides on his training programme because no matter how successful your method is - Tom does it differently. His Nokia from the Stone Age and his rusty Volkswagen underline his status of a unique specimen.

Apart from all these charming characteristics, Tom is a real faithful soul, a declared animal lover, an experienced diver and he has an excellent Coach's Eye. His advice has already opened up many costumers and in his Oly classes he can make full use of his talents.

Further training

CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting Trainer
CrossFit Strongman Trainer
CrossFit Mobility Trainer
IKFF Kettlebell Level 1 Instruktor
Olympic Lifting Seminar with Dmitry Klokov in Mailand and Basel
CrossFit Strongman Seminar Staff
Dive instructor SSI


Achievements in sports

Unable to work for two days after the intro session
Swiss Champion in Powerlifting 2012, -82.5kg, 2013 -90kg, 2014 -90kg (SDFPF)
Swiss Champion Strongman 2012, Newcomer -90kg, 2013 Newcomer -105kg
Team Athlet CrossFit Regionals 2012
Individual Athlet CrossFit European Regionals 2013
National Liga A Olympic Weightlifting
Swiss Champion in Weightlifiting 2013, 2014, 2016
Selected for the national Olympic Weightlifting team 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
Second place final ranking National Liga A 2017
President of the GHCBB (Gewichtheber Club beider Basel)
Trainer of the Olympic Weightlifting National Team Women 2017

Dino „the lung“ Gysin

Dino is a "doer", always travelling, active and open-minded. In order to be able to risk more on his snowboard, Dino started to do exercises. Away from the isolated Globo-Gym, he then came to CrossFit through his brother Ramon. Thanks to his training as a mechanic, he could equip the Box very soon with hardware. In return, he could practise for free. Later, more than just a hobby came out of this relationship. If it wasn't because of his two broken wrists in 2012, Rich Froning would start trembling. His dilemma was our luck, as he pushed on with the works at out Box because he couldn't concentrate on the training. Every single piece of steel of CrossFit Basel - starting from the rack to the coat-hook - has at least once passed through Dino's hands!

Apart from snowboarding, he sometimes tries surfing. According to him, CrossFit also offers an excellent preparation training for it. Apart from his sport activities, he has a project of interim use with a garden and outdoor-workshops together with other motivated people in the Rheinhafen in Basel. For the time being, the former CrossFit champ wants to find his way back to his old performances and to live up to his nickname again.